The Criminal Justice Major takes an interdisciplinary approach to the field of law enforcement that focuses on human relations, crime, criminal law, criminal procedures, and criminal behavior. The program emphasizes the social and psychosocial context of criminal behavior, and its impact on individuals and society, to provide students with a balanced approach to understanding and effectively addressing criminal behavior. Spiritual principles embedded in the program assist students to grow personally and spiritually, enabling them to live out their faith in their chosen profession. Point University offers the B.S. in Criminal Justice in both fully-online and Access(hybrid) formats.

Criminal Justice Degrees For A Society With A Better Future

By pursuing a career in Criminal Justice, you can have a rewarding career in one of the following fields: Police Officer, Correctional Treatment Specialist, Probation Officer, and Judicial Administrator.

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The Criminal Justice Program at Point University

We are here to help you every step of the way, and you should never hesitate to seek assistance from your instructor, Department Chair, or the many other student support services we offer with specific or general questions about a course, the program, or your spiritual life.

If you are considering a career path in the Criminal Justice field, the takeaway is clear: options abound when you decide to pursue this challenging yet fulfilling academic path. To learn more about Point’s exceptional Criminal Justice Program — available both online and in-class for adult learners — contact us today. Our online and access programs take advantage of the best parts of academia – one-on-one and small group discussions, interaction with peers and instructors, videos and multimedia presentations – that allows you to complete your education on your own terms.

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If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the Criminal Justice field consider the program at Point University.