Dr. Lacey Southerland

Lacey Southerland
  • Title: Professor of Education
  • Department: Teacher Education
  • Email: lacey.southerland@point.edu
  • B.S., Elementary Education, Stephen F. Austin State University
  • M.Ed., Early Childhood Education, Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Ph.D., Early Childhood Education, Georgia State University
Which courses do you teach?
  • Educational Psychology
  • Children’s Literature
  • Health & PE for Elementary
  • Block 1 Lab Experience,
  • Social Studies for Elementary & Middle Grades
  • Mathematics for Elementary
  • Block 2 Lab Experience
  • Creative Arts for Early Childhood
  • Block 3 Lab Experience
  • Child & Youth Development Internship
What do you love about teaching at Point?

I love working alongside other Christians who share my faith, and experiencing daily the spirit of Christ in my interactions with all of my colleagues. I love helping college students find a calling and settle into a path that sets them up for success and excitement in using their God-given skills.

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