Transient Students

“Transient” status is reserved for students enrolled at one college or university temporarily studying at another institution.

There are two types of transient students:

  • Degree-seeking students from another college or university may temporarily attend Point to complete coursework required by the home institution. Typically, such enrollment is limited to one term.
  • Point University students may, with advance approval from the Registrar, complete one or more courses at another accredited institution of higher education in order to fulfil curricular requirements at Point (e.g. due to scheduling difficulties or a study abroad opportunity). Such persons are considered Point students while studying elsewhere. Credits earned as a transient student, including online or correspondence courses, are subject to Point’s normal transfer credit policies.

Admission Office

Tel: 706-385-1202
Fax: 706-645-9473

507 West 10th Street
West Point, GA 31833

Application process for transient students:

  1. Please complete the application form below.
  2. Complete and submit the Transient Financial Aid Form to the admission office.