At the core of every goal and every project that makes up Vision 2020 is our students. Scholarships will allow the University to open our doors to even more deserving students, while the future worship center will give them a place to gather and seek after God corporately. The future Fine Arts Annex will provide practice space for the Marching Skyhawks, one of our newest and fastest growing programs, and Point 2020 will give the University the ability to become more self-sustaining for the benefit of future generations. Accomplishing this video requires the support of our entire community, and your partnership is vital to the success of our mission and provides funds not supported by tuition and other funding sources.

For more information or to give to the campaign, visit


From time to time we get calls regarding churches looking for great ministers as well as calls from great ministers looking for great churches. If you are interested in hiring an alumnus and/or being hired by a great church, please let us know. We will keep your information confidential and make referrals to you as appropriate. You can simply call our alumni relations office at 706-385-1487 or email


Byron ’69 and Faye Miller ’69 have some ACC yearbooks they would be willing to give away if you will pay for shipping. Some of them date back to the first year the college was in existence. Please contact and we will forward your information.


We have a great list of Point alumni authors, and we have received several books that we will proudly display in our library. If you have published a book and have not sent me the information, it’s not too late! Please send that information to and we will add you to our list of Alumni Authors.


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