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Point University is grateful for the support of the local communities near its main campus in West Point and of those near our five site locations throughout Georgia and Alabama. We rely on our partnerships with local church members, civic clubs, schools, municipalities and other community groups as we strive together to build stronger communities for the cause of Christ.

Point cares deeply about starting its impact for the Kingdom in its local community. Towards this goal, Point students have served over 40,000 community service hours in the local community over last 4 years. Local students (in the Greater Valley Area) have received $3.5 million in scholarships and financial aid in the past 4 years, and one in four students is local. Get invested and involved with Point as we give back to our communities.

3 ways you can get involved with Point:


on students at Point Skyhawks games and Fine Arts performances


internship opportunities at your business for Point students


with Point by keeping up with the latest news by texting POINTU to 51555

2/18/2017Men's Lacrosse2:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
2/18/2017Women's Lacrosse4:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
2/20/2017JV Baseball (double header)3:00 PMSkyhawks Field
2/20/2017Women's Tennis4:00 PMValley Sportsplex
2/22/2017Softball (double header)12:00 PMSkyhawk Softball Field
2/25/2017Men's & Women's Tennis3:00 PMValley Sportsplex
2/26/2017Women's Tennis2:00 PMValley Sportsplex
2/26/2017Concert Choir: Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs4:00 PMScott Fine Arts Center Performance Hall
2/26/2017Concert Choir: Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs6:00 PMScott Fine Arts Center Performance Hall
2/28/2017Baseball3:00 PMSkyhawks Field
3/1/2017Women's Lacrosse4:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
3/2/2017Softball (double header)3:00 PMSkyhawks Softball Field
3/3/2017Men's Tennis10:00 AMValley Sportsplex
3/3/2017Baseball (double header)3:00 PMSkyhawks Field
3/3/2017Men's & Women's Tennis3:00 PMValley Sportsplex
3/4/2017Baseball1:00 PMSkyhawks Field
3/4/2017Men's Lacrosse1:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
3/4/2017Men's & Women's Tennis2:00 PMValley Sportsplex
3/6/2017Women's Lacrosse4:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
3/8/2017Women's Lacrosse12:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
3/8/2017Softball (double header)1:00 PMSkyhawks Softball Field
3/9/2017Men's Lacrosse2:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
3/10/2017Baseball (double header)3:00 PMSkyhawks Field
3/1/2017Softball (double header)3:00 PMSkyhawks Softball Field
3/11/2017Baseball1:00 PMSkyhawks Field
3/13/2017Men's & Women's GolfAll DayPoint University Golf Club
3/15/2017Women's Lacrosse6:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
3/18/2017Men's Lacrosse1:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
3/18/2017Softball (double header)2:00 PMSkyhawks Softball Field
3/18/2017Women's Lacrosse4:00 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
3/21/2017Men's & Women's Tennis10:30 AMValley Sportsplex
3/21/2017 Softball (double header)2:00 PMSkyhawks Softball Field
3/21/2017Men's & Women's Tennis3:00 PMValley Sportsplex
3/29/2017Impact DayAll Day
3/29/2017Women's Lacrosse5:30 PMRiver Bowl Stadium
3/31/2017Baseball5:00 PMSkyhawks Field

For more information about community sponsorships and other ways to get engaged with Point University, please contact:

Point UniversityChris Beirne
Director of University Relations