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Kimberly Macenczak (Ph.D.)

Title: Professor of History and Education
Department: Humanities and General Studies
Office Phone: (706)-385-1472 

Degrees earned and Universities:
BA History – Milligan College
MAT History – Georgia State University
Ph.D. Social Foundations of Education – Georgia State University 

Courses Taught:
HIS 102:  Western Civilizations
HIS 203:  United States History
HIS 204:  History of Religion in America
HIS 215:  Native American Studies
HIS 301:  Restoration History
HIS 332:  History of Women in America
HIS 334:  The Twentieth Century World
HIS 490:  Studies in History – The Holocaust
EDU 102:  Educational Foundations

Where are you from?
Atlanta, GA

What brought you to Point University?
I attended Point, then known as Atlanta Christian College, my freshman and sophomore years of college.  I would have stayed, but they did not offer a degree in education at the time. My goal was to get back to Point and help start new degrees in education and I am glad to say that I did.

What are some of your hobbies?
I love to travel, especially to places of historical significance. I have seen just about everything that I have dreamed of seeing, except the Pyramids. I’m holding out for a peaceful time to go there. I also love the beach and go there often.

What advice would you give to new students?
Make a friend and get organized, not necessarily in that order.

What are your research interests?
My most recent interests include the Holocaust and Women’s issues. I have also published in the area of Native American education.

Are there any interesting facts about yourself that you would like to share with new or current Point Student?
I have always had a very big interest in Native Americans. As a child, I went to numerous Native American sites throughout the Southeast. I studied Native American education for my doctoral dissertation. I know this interest was fueled by the fact that I had Cherokees on my mother’s side of the family. Two Christmases ago, I gave my parents DNA tests as gifts. Come to find out, there is no Native American blood on either side of family.  It has left me with somewhat of an identity crisis.