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How do I understand my billing statement?

The left side of your statement lists all debits. Debits are items that are charged to your account (examples include tuition, fees, room and board and parking fines). If you are eligible for a student refund, it will also be listed as a debit.

The right side of your statement lists all credits. Credits are items that are received as payment to your account (examples include financial aid, payments, payment plan payments).

At the bottom of your statement are three totals: statement total, pending total and amount due.

  • Statement total: This is the total amount for this statement of all statement entries that have a date beside them.
  • Pending total: This is the total amount for this statement of all statement entries that have “pending” beside them. It is the total of any pending financial aid or credits minus any pending debits.
  • Amount due: This is the total amount due for the current statement. If the amount appears in parentheses, it is a credit balance.
    • Up to $1,000 of your credit balance will be uploaded to eCampus, and you may use the credit to purchase books. Money not spent on eCampus will be refunded along with any other refund owed after financial aid is posted.
When is the payment deadline?

The payment deadline for fall 2014 is August 4. All balances must be paid in full or set up on a payment plan by this time.

How can I make sure a relative can discuss my bill with your office?

Legally, our office can only talk to you about your bill. If you wish to give us permission to speak with a parent, spouse or other relative, you can do so by completing a FERPA form in the Student Services Office.

How do I obtain a bill for a current or future semester?

The fastest way to obtain a bill is through the CampusNexus® Student Portal. You may also email the Student Services Office or call us at 706-385-1018. Bills for future semesters will be sent in advance for you to review and make arrangements in time for the payment deadline.

Monthly statements are sent to your permanent address if a balance is owed or if you are on the tuition payment plan.

How do I sign up for a tuition payment plan?

Students are required to either pay their balances in full or set the remaining balance up on a payment plan. Students are able to make payment plan arrangements in house through the Student Services office.

How do I get financial aid?
To find out what financial aid you may be eligible for, visit our financial aid web page.

How do I get a student refund from excess financial aid?

Refunds will not be processed on excess financial aid until the funds are received by the University from each funding source. Refunds can only be issued if the financial aid posted exceeds the amount of tuition, fees and other applicable charges. Federal refunds are issued to students within 14 days of receipt of funds.

Students should check their CampusNexus® Student Portal accounts before calling to ask about a refund check’s status. When your refund is ready, you will be notified at your student email address. Refunds resulting from a Parent Plus Loan are issued directly to the responsible parent via postal mail.


I think my housing charges are wrong. How do I fix them?

If you believe there is an error in your housing charges, or if you are anticipating living on campus and housing charges are not showing on your statement, please contact the Student Life Office at 706-385-1061.

What is an enrollment deposit?

A $200 enrollment deposit is required of all new incoming students. After May 1, it is nonrefundable. Once you register, the $200 fee will be applied to your first bill as a payment.

How do I pay my bill?

You may pay online through the CampusNexus® Student Portal, via the mail, or in person.

To pay via postal mail, send checks or money orders (no cash) to:
Point University
Student Services Office
507 West 10th Street
West Point, GA 31833

To pay in person, please stop by the Student Services Office, located in the Academic Center. You may pay via cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, outside scholarships and aid, or credit card (MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express).

The Student Services Office is open 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can reach us at 706-385-1018 or via email.


I have received a scholarship from an outside source. How do I use that to pay my bill?

You are responsible for the entire balance owed on your account. If you have written documentation regarding your outside award, you may submit it to the Student Services Office in person, via email, or via fax at 706-645-9475. If our office does not have written notice of your outside award, we cannot allow you to deduct the amount from your payment.

My schedule is wrong. How do I make changes?

All schedule change questions are handled by the Student Services Office. Contact them at 706-385-1018 or via email.

How do I get a copy of my 1098-T tax form?

All requests for reprints of a 1098-T form should be emailed to us or called in to 706-385-1018. Reprints are emailed to your student account within two business days.