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At most colleges, students and parents can expect a modest tuition increase each academic year. This is due to factors such as inflation and the increased cost of providing educational services. At Point University, you can rest assured that we will always do our best to keep the cost of a quality Christian education as low as possible.

In comparison with many private institutions, Point’s tuition costs are low. According to the College Board, the national average for the total cost to attend a four-year private college in 2015-16 was $43,921 – more than $18,000 higher than Point’s cost for the same academic year!

The amount students and families pay covers only part of the cost of a Point education. Because Point is a private university, it does not receive state-funded aid other than student scholarships, such as HOPE. Point must rely on private support from various donors: individuals, alumni, churches, corporations and foundations.

Your investment in a Point education is a wise one! You are receiving a high-quality, Christian, private college education at a much lower cost than at other private colleges and universities.


Very few families can afford to send a student to college without financial aid. Point’s Financial Aid Office is more than willing to work with students and their parents or guardians to come up with a financial aid package that will meet your needs. Approximately 99 percent of Point students receive financial aid, including scholarships, need-based grants and education loans.

In order to ensure you receive the financial aid you need, please be sure to complete your FAFSA and other paperwork on time each year. If you have questions, please call Student Services at 706-385-1018 or email

Full-time students:
12-18 hours$9,750$19,500
Over 18 hours (per hour)$450
Part-time Students:
6-11 hours (per hour)$650
1-5 hours (per hour)$185
Audit fee (per hour)$70
Summer Session (per hour)$250
Summer Session Technology Fee$100
Dual Credit Enrollment (per hour)$250
Room & BoardSemesterAnnual
Standard (Double) Room$2,250$4,500
Board (options below)$1,700$3,400
- 19 meals and $0 Skyhawk Bucks a semester
- 15 meals and $50 Skyhawk Bucks a semester
- 10 meals and $100 Skyhawk Bucks a semester
Activity Fee:
6 or more hours$175$350
5 or fewer hours$90$180
Library/Technology Fee:
6 or more hours$250$500
5 or fewer hours$125$250
Transportation/Parking Fee:
6 or more hours$50$100
5 or fewer hours$25$50
Accidental Insurance Fee (full-time students only)$75$150
Dual Credit Enrollment Library/Technology Fee$0$0
Move On When Ready Library/Technology Fee$50$100

TOTAL FOR 2017-18: $28,500* ( full-time, resident student)

*This price does not include books or any special fees for individual courses or private music instruction. The most common fees are listed below.


Science lab fee: $75
Applied music class instruction: $85
Applied music private instruction: $175
Applied music accompanist: $100
Health and PE for early childhood education fee: $55
Project management CAPM exam fee: $350
Student teaching practicum fee: $500


You may pay in full with financial aid or out of pocket.

We accept cash, check, money order or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). Online payment is available through use of the CampusNexus® student portal, accessible via the Point website (

You can also call Student Services at 706.385.1018 to make payment.


A payment plan is available to students who are unable to meet their financial obligations through financial aid and prepayment of their bills or for those who prefer the convenience of installment payments.

Students participating have multiple payment methods available to them. All previous balances must be paid before students can participate in the payment plan. To sign up for a payment plan, please contact the Student Services Office at 706-385-1018 or

Students must apply for tuition payment plans before the payment deadline for each semester.

PLEASE NOTE: If one of the available payment options is not selected and completed by the payment deadline, your course registration will be voided and you will no longer be permitted to attend classes. For more information about payment deadlines, please consult Student Accounts.


Through the online bookstore, Point University allows students to use excess financial aid to purchase textbooks. Students will be notified if they are eligible to purchase books with student account credit balances via their Point student email accounts.

The Point University online bookstore can be accessed at


Refunds remaining on student accounts after
book purchases will be issued when the money is received from the source by the University. Refunds will not be made until Point is in possession of the funds. Students should not depend on receiving their refunds by a certain date.

Point uses a third-party servicer to offer electronic refunds. Visit us online at studentaccounts for more information and to sign up for your account.