Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday- a day to ignite the spirit of giving, rejoice in God’s blessings and continue the climb to our highest point.


Gavin Sain ’23, Biblical Studies Major

When I visited the campus for my college tour it felt like a community; this is what originally drew me in. Once I made my decision to go to Point, the relationships are what made me want to stay. I grew close with my friends and the professors on campus. A few of my friends and myself started a group called The Fountain of Light, were we serve lunch in the local community on Saturdays. We started off by serving every other Saturday with the help from a local church, but we have been blessed to now serve around 80 individuals every Saturday of the month. This would have to be my highest Point. We have been able to build relationships and have deeper conversation with people about God’s love. Our dream is to keep growing and once a semester have a big event were we can have worship with the people in the community and local churches. We have been so blessed and we want to continue to serve those around us in our community.

#Giving Tuesday

Save the date: Point University is participating in #GivingTuesday!

Join us for Giving Tuesday on November 30, when you and hundreds of other Skyhawks will come
together and give back to Point University. Giving Tuesday is an internationally
recognized day dedicated to generosity, and our hope is that you choose to celebrate
with us this year.

Join us November 30 as we climb to our highest point!

Your gift will support Point University’s mission to continue to educate students for Christ-centered
service and leadership throughout the world.



What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is an internationally celebrated day of giving. It is celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is used as inspiration for millions of people to give back. It is a day for anyone, anywhere to give back in a worldwide giving movement.

How do I make a gift?

You can make a gift using this Giving Tuesday page. By filling out the questions above and clicking Donate, you can invest in Point University students easier then ever before!

How can my gift make a difference?

Your gift of any size will make a different in the lives of students. When a lot of people give a little, the impact is life changing.

Is my gift to Point University tax deductible?

Yes! Once you click on Donate you will receive a letter thanking you for your gift. You can use this receipt for tax purposes.