Point University proudly welcomes students seeking full-time, undergraduate enrollment following their participation in Impact 360.



Students accepted into the residential, undergraduate program at West Point, Ga. campus may be eligible for at least $15,000 in institutional scholarship. This amount may be in combination of merit, talent, need-based and other awarded institutional scholarship.

Students accepted into an online, undergraduate program may be eligible for a 25% discount from tuition.

Eligibility and Regulations

Student must be in good standing with Impact 360 as well as institution in which they received college credit while participating at Impact 360. Student must complete a FAFSA and all federal and/or state aid must be applied before institutional scholarship. Institutional aid may not exceed cost of tuition and fees. Student must be accepted into Point University’s undergraduate program through general admission office.

Students transitioning from Impact 360 will be evaluated for institutional scholarship based off their high school academics and not deemed ineligible for taking college courses during time at Impact 360.

Additional Residential Opportunity

Students who successfully completed Impact 360 program are encouraged to apply to be a Campus Life Minister (CLM, comparable to Residential Assistant, RA) through Point University’s department of Residence Life. CLM’s are compensated for their duties by way of scholarship towards room and board. For more information, please contact housing@point.edu.

Admission Process

Admission is granted by the Admission Committee on the basis of satisfactory evidence that a student has the ability to succeed at Point University. In keeping with the mission and objectives of Point, the admissions process seeks reliable confirmation of a student’s Christian character, academic preparation, and social development. Admission policy and decisions are administered by the Admission Committee.

To start the admission process, please complete your application for free at www.point.edu/apply. For admission requirements, please visit this site.  An Admission Counselor will be assigned to your application and assist you through process.

Credit Transfer

During student’s participation in Impact 360 Fellows program, courses are completed at Union University. Point University has reviewed course descriptions and offers a very generous transfer opportunity. Impact 360 students who completed college coursework must submit official transcript for official transfer credit evaluation.

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