Welcome to the MathLab!

We are happy you are here and are excited to work with you!  Please see below for some tips on being a successful math student.

Tutors are available in person as well as via Zoom!

The MathLab is located in LAC 320. We have student tutors whose working hours and contact information are posted outside the door. You are welcome to stop by the MathLab during the posted hours – no appointment is necessary.

You may email and request contact information for tutors as well as request an appointment for a Zoom tutoring session.

Have your questions ready when you arrive or when you join the Zoom meeting.

Please remember that tutors are not there to DO your work for you. They are there to help you understand the material. Please be respectful of them and their time. If you make an appointment, do everything you can to keep that appointment. Tutors may also be student-athletes which means they may periodically be away for sports. Your understanding (and preplanning) are greatly appreciated!

Success as a Math Student

Step 1: Show up for class physically AND mentally.

Step 2: Take detailed notes and ask questions while in class. Math is NOT a spectator sport. You must participate.

Step 3: Complete most (if not all) of the assigned homework the same day the material is covered in class. Make note of any questions you may have along the way.

Step 4: Upon returning to class, ask your notes/homework questions. Show up early and ask your instructor before class if you prefer not to talk in class.

Step 5: If you feel stuck or confused at any point, ask questions! Talk to your instructor and/or meet with a tutor. If you wait even 2 days, you will be that much more behind. Remember, math always builds on previous lessons. You must understand those to successfully move forward.

Try to understand WHY we move from one step to another instead of trying to memorize the steps.

Step 6: Want to guess? ASK QUESTIONS!