Always Home

Casey Hall_Always Home

I still remember sitting in the preaching lab for the very first time with seven other students on the first day of class for “Intro to Preaching.” The emotion I felt that day was overwhelming fear. I knew no one and sat there all to myself. Then here came a rather large man with a bald head and a goatee that still had some crumbs in it from breakfast. He went straight to the front of the room, introduced himself as Dr. Strother, and immediately began conversation. As the weeks in his class went on, the nerves went away and I felt at home.

That whole semester I kept that same feeling of being at home. The school felt like one big family. As I took more classes, I was introduced to more professors. There was big talk about this guy named Mr. Huxford. I didn’t know why, but you can bet the ranch on it, I do now. I listened to him as he lectured in our class, watched him and spent time with him. I knew that I wanted to be where he was. I wanted to continue to be a part of this family even after I graduated.

My four years of college changed my life. I was challenged in my faith, made friends that became brothers, and learned what it meant to love God and love people. Throughout my time at Point University, I had a personal goal to become employed here after I had graduated. Those four years of college flew by and I realized that I only had a little bit of time to make my dream come true. And then graduation came around and still no job.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later, the greatest phone call of my life came. I had been staring at my phone just waiting for the caller ID to say Point University. And here it was! I may have sounded a little bit like a girl with the high pitched scream, but excitement took over.

“Yes, I’ll take the job!”

“But I haven’t even told you how much the job pays.”

“Oh yeah, that’s ok. I just really want the job!”

That was the call that I have been waiting on since my freshman year.

Every day when I come in, I look at the cross with the waterfall in the lobby of the Academic Center and say to myself, “I’m so blessed to work here.” As a student, my friend Shaun Horne and I would always walk around and look for free food and t shirts; not much has changed. But I also never was given the chance to know the faces behind the desks at Point, but now I am able to interact with them every day. The people here have so much joy and happiness. You can’t find this kind of atmosphere at any other job and that is why I wanted to work here so much.

I was extremely nervous on my first day, and second, and so on, but I feel prepared. Point did a great job of preparing me for my future in the work world. From taking my core classes to electives, everything seemed to all piece together to make my transition into the real world easier. I am thankful for a school that cared for me as a student and wanted to see me succeed. I am also thankful that Point believed in me and gave me this opportunity.


Casey Hall BW Casey Hall ’14
Student Accounts Representative