CGPS Student Spotlight: Dusti Reuter-Brock

I am majoring in education. I hope to be a teacher soon. I already work with children in the Fayette County After School Program and at my church, Living Proof Church in Tyrone, GA, and I really enjoy doing so. Teaching is something that comes naturally to me, and it is actually my spiritual gift. I very much look forward to taking all of the knowledge that I have gained from my time at Point University and applying it to my career and my work as a Sunday school teacher.

I came to realize that teaching was my calling through experience. All my life I have been a natural teacher; without even thinking about it I just know how to break information down and help other people under to understand it more easily. Kids have always been drawn to me, even before I became a mom. During my life I have repeatedly found myself in teaching positions at the churches I have attended. About three and a half years ago, I ended up as a Sunday school teacher at Living Proof Church. God opened this door for me to show me part of my purpose, and the next thing I knew God was opening more doors and I ended up discovering Point University. Everything started to fall into place, and I realized that I was called to be a teacher, not only at church, but out in the secular world as well. It is still so amazing to me to think about how everything has happened, because God is obviously directing my life.

The advice I would give to someone pursing this degree (or any degree for that matter), is to keep pushing forward. It is a lot of work! Especially when you are an adult with a family and a job and adult responsibilities. Don’t give up though because there will come a day when this part is over and you will have reached your goals. More practical and straight forward advice that I would give is to make sure that you stay on top of your assignments. Give yourself enough time to proofread everything and to do the best that you can do. Sometimes it can be really tiring to be busy with schoolwork all the time, but I just know it is all going to be worth it because I’ve already seen practical application in my life. Whenever I’m feeling tired, I ask God for strength. Keeping a relationship with God through prayer is so important in being able to endure anything in life that is difficult!

My passions include learning more about God, working with children, working with my youth group and my daughter (who is also part of my inspiration) and my hobbies include journaling, writing, drawing and coloring.