Day 4: Are We There Yet?

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I remember as a little girl traveling with my family to see my grandparents who lived a couple of states away. We might have been driving for about twenty minutes, when inevitably a quick question would be asked. You can probably guess what it was. Yep… “Are we there yet?” My mom assured me that we just started our journey and that we still had a distance to travel. I would say “okay” and go back to passing the time somehow, but I could only make it a little longer before asking the question again: “Are we there yet?” My mom usually responded saying that we were not there yet but that we made progress and were a little farther down the road. Of course, this routine was on-going until we arrived at my grandparents’ house. As a little girl once I arrived, I did not meditate on the many times I asked that question along the way because I was finally at my destination – Grandma’s house.

Over the years, I have occasionally thought about our trips and related them to my adult experiences in various ways. I have been able to look back and come to understand the value and refinement that occurs in a journey. Our willingness to be molded and shaped along the way to our destination in many ways is the greatest part of the process where most of the growth and maturity develops. Philippians 1:6 (NIV) says, “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Whether you are reading this as a student, faculty/staff member, or friend of Point University, we are together during this season of time for a purpose, growing as an organization and responding to the movement of God who is at work in what we are doing here. We are coming together to expand the Kingdom and influence others to share His love in multiple methods and geographic locations. Whether you recruit, cut the grass, instruct students, or help someone register for classes, as the body of Christ we all have a part in this journey together to ensure individually and corporately that we are participating in the process of becoming more like Christ each day. He uses this journey to shape us into who we are and who we eventually will be until the day we arrive at our final destination with Him. So, have we completely arrived? No, but we are closer than when we first started.

Stacy Bartlett, Ph.D.
Vice President of Enrollment Management

Today, let’s focus our prayers on the admission counselors and enrollment specialists as they meet and interact with potential students who may be looking to take the next step in their journeys.