Discover Life by Healing Our Brokenness

Brokenness comes in many different shapes and sizes, hurts and pains. It tears us up and breaks us down. Some of us are wonderful at hiding our brokenness; we can show the world a smile and mosey on throughout our day. Some of us, though, wear our heart on our sleeve, and everyone around us can sense our pain. Whether we know how to face it or not, brokenness is there. And it eats away at us until we either numb ourselves of any emotion or find a way of healing. But we don’t have to heal alone, not if we find hope in the Gospel. The Gospel is the best and only way to truly heal our wounds.

“Consider Jesus” says the writer of Hebrews (3:1). He is the heart of the Gospel, the living word of God. As a man, He is able to understand on a deeply personal level any struggle we may face because He’s been there, too. And as God, He is able to hold us together and give us a new, better life. We get to live knowing that, even if we feel like outcasts here this world, we belong to Jesus. Our identity rests in Him alone. And He knows our name! He is there with us through every trial we face, fighting for us. He is on His throne, and He has the final Word. So we can approach the throne of grace in confidence, knowing that our living hope can get us through this crazy life.

In just a blink of an eye, we will see Jesus face-to-face. Children of God, rise up and sing, we rest our hope in our Everlasting King!

Written by Kristen Styer, senior biblical studies and preaching major