Giving the Past New Life

In February, Point University was gifted one of its most unique gifts to date — a sculpture of a hawk carved entirely of wood from the Lanett mill.

Chuck Moore, a resident of Valley, Alabama, began carving when he was a teenager working in the textile mill in the Fairfax area. He would practice by carving people into textile chalk, which he would then sell to his friends and family. As he progressed in his abilities, he expanded into carving wax, wood, and eventually stone and metal.

“I’ve never had an art class or any training in my life,” said Moore.

In the last 20 years, Moore has created 50 metal structures, ranging in height from one foot to eight feet, using pieces and parts from the old mill buildings that no longer exist.

“These buildings are completely gone now,” said Moore. “They’re just history.”

The wood used for Point University’s hawk sculpture was salvaged from the Lanett mill. “I had a friend who worked there,” explained Moore. “He helped me buy two different pieces of wood while they were tearing the building down.”

The wood is original growth pine, which was put in the stairwell of the Lanett mill in 1890. “I only use hand tools, like mallets, to make these,” said Moore.

Moore has created 11 more pieces like this hawk sculpture, all with the materials from old local mills, and he is always looking for a place to display them locally. “I want them to stay here, to be a part of the community, even though the buildings are gone,” he said.

The hawk sculpture is on indefinite loan to Point University, and it is proudly displayed in the lobby of the Lanier Academic Center for all to see and enjoy.

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