If You Build It They Will Come

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God has had his hand on our institution.  We have seen tremendous growth with lives changed, and as such, we face greater obstacles and have growing responsibilities.  As we serve in this world, we face everyday obstacles that often challenge us at the core of who we are in Christ. Take a look in the Bible at what Nehemiah does when he is faced with a similar situation.

Problem:  The entire world was against Nehemiah, even his own people!

  1. Nehemiah believed that God was calling him to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem (1:1-11).
  2. Nehemiah was not in a position of authority to solve this problem (2:1-2).
  3. The enemies of Jerusalem criticized and even laughed at Nehemiah for wanting to restore the wall. (2:19).
  4. Even the leaders of the Jews did not think that this large task could be accomplished (3:5).
  5. The enemies wanted to attack and tear down the wall once Nehemiah started building (4:3).

John Maxwell points out these actions that Nehemiah took in the John Maxwell Leadership Bible (2007):

  1. He identified the problem (1:2-4)
  2. He spent time in prayer (1:4-11)
  3. He assessed the situation (2:11-15)
  4. He cast a vision (2:16, 17)
  5. He organized the people and got them working (3:1-32)

This story challenges us to do more with the gifts that God has given us.  Notice that Nehemiah doesn’t just talk about what could be, but he immediately calls himself to action.  He doesn’t wait for someone else to do it; he sees it through for himself.  In what ways will you be God’s hands and feet today?  Read Nehemiah chapter 3.  Underline the word “repair” and circle the word “built.”  You will notice that word “repair” is used much more than “built.” The pieces of your life’s work may be right in front of you, all you need to do is repair and connect the parts! Realize that Nehemiah put the team to work 24 hours a day (4:22-23).  When things get tough for you, are you willing to do the long work?  Finally, at the beginning of Nehemiah chapter 5, we find the hardest struggle was dealing with his own people.  Do you have people in your life that are the source of struggle?  Realize it is okay to be angry (Nehemiah 5:6), but ultimately, seek first the will of God.

Ponder on this thought today, “Am I willing to demand excellence in myself, because Christ has demanded excellence of us.”

Dr. Josh Boyd, Director of Athletic Bands

“Dear heavenly father, thank you for promising me that my life was not an accident, instead it has a meaning, and a purpose.  Help me to discover that purpose.  Help me to stand for you; leading with my love of you and my love of people, as demonstrated by your son. Help me to demand excellence in all that  I do today, because the message of Christ requires that I give you only my best. Amen.”