My Point Story: Trey Trantham

Trey Trantham_My Point Story

I enrolled at Point University in 2009 as a way to help jumpstart my career in business management. I graduated in December 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational Leadership. As a full-time employee before going back to school, I know how challenging it might seem to go back to school as a busy, working adult, but it’s one decision I will never regret. Here’s my Point story.

Before Point

I became a diesel mechanic straight out of high school which was steady work, but the Lord was moving me to other things. I started working at Chick-fil-A, and was quickly promoted, but I reached a point where I needed a degree to keep moving up into management. I had to find a way to go to school but also keep working. I heard a a radio ad saying that you could graduate in as little as 18 months with the Access program, which offered night classes for adults. So I called the next day and started the process of enrolling at Point University.

Settling in

One of the things I love about Point is that there’s a lot of flexibility. Class is only one night a week, you only take one class at a time, and you’re able to schedule and upload your out-of-class assignments online or on your own time whenever you can. It really makes things very convenient, so you’re not having to turn your life upside down just to go back to school.

For my first five-week course, I had the opportunity to scale back my time at work a bit. I didn’t want to take too much time off of work obviously, but it had also been a while since I attended school. I had tried some online classes from the national universities, but they didn’t offer much help or counseling. The advisors and administrators keep a close eye on your schedule and they’ll help you keep everything balanced. I ended up  going back to my full-time work schedule pretty soon after starting classes. I even “doubled up” pretty quickly, taking more than one class at a time.

I had a learning disability in high school, but I was able to earn a 4.0 grade point average in my final semester at Point because of the format and the support I received. Most classes I was in had maybe 20 students, and we were working one-on-one with the professors constantly. The guidance factor is really built into the program and you can feel it. It makes all the difference.

One other thing I really appreciate about Point are the professors. They truly go above and beyond just teaching, and they invest in their students so we can go out and make an impact wherever our calling or career may take us. It’s an outstanding Christian education and foundation. You can really feel that they’re on a mission, and they know their stuff.

Take it from me

I know there are a lot of people out there with full-time jobs, or who maybe haven’t been back to school in a while. I was in the same boat once, and so I know the feeling of being worried to step out and go back to school as a busy adult, but Point University makes it pretty simple and helps set you up for success. I’d like people to know that just about anyone can make this happen. I remember that nervous feeling at first, but the faculty and staff at Point ease you into it and really help you along the way.

I can’t imagine where I’d be currently if I hadn’t gone back to school. I’m now happily married to my wife who I also met while in the program, and I’ve moved up the management ladder at Chick-fil-A. In fact, I’m hoping to manage my own store soon and I’m on track thanks to Point University.

Trey Trantham Trey Trantham ’13