Point Student Wins Child Genius

Point University students celebrate Adrian’s win on “Child Genius” at the Peachtree City site location.

Point University student, Adrian Romoff is winding down his spring semester with a high school graduation and celebrating his victory on Lifetime Channel’s “Child Genius”, earning a $100,000 college fund.

Competing against 11 of the brightest minds in America, Adrian participated in the 10 week challenge to test his knowledge in math, spelling, geography and current events to become Lifetime’s Child Genius in its second season. A dual credit enrollment student at Point University in Peachtree City, Adrian is earning college credits in English, history, biology, and calculus. For more information about Point University’s dual credit enrollment program, visit www.point.edu/dce.

The future looks bright for this eleven-year-old, as he heads to Lee University to compete as the youngest member in their music festival piano competition, and enrolls in summer school at Harvard for courses in calculus, computer science and debate.