Sakai Virtual Conference

The Sakai Virtual Conference is a completely online conference with an emphasis on pedagogy and best practices. This faculty-friendly event is a day of learning, sharing and community building with fellow Sakai users around the globe. Presentations take place within virtual meeting rooms where live audio, video and chat allow participants to get the conference experience without the expense of travel. There are many opportunities for networking and informal discussions, as well as fun group activities like the Rogues Gallery, Sakai Trivia, Virtual Karaoke, Meditation Break and chances to win prizes. All proceeds from the conference go toward Sakai development.

This year, we had 334 enrolled attendees from 11 countries (Austria, Burma, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Pakistan, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States) and representing 71 different institutions or organizations. There were 43 presentations on a variety of Sakai related topics and 50 presenters. We raised approximately $13,000 in funding for Sakai development.

If you missed the virtual conference, or if you would like to view any sessions that you didn’t get to see live, the recordings are available on the Sakai YouTube channel. For viewer convenience, the 2017 presentation recordings have been collected in this playlist.


Point University presentations accepted at the Sakai Virtual Conference:

  • Utilizing Sakai for an Online Writing Lab by Stacie Whalen and Jessica Mazaheri: “We had more of an audience than we expected and had some good questions.”
  • Mentoring Online: Orientation and Support for Online Faculty by Dr. Bethany Huxford-Davis: “I had about 28 there and lots of good feedback. Mostly people were really positive about the way we have the program and then really impressed we can require it.”
  • Designing in Mass, Birds of a Feather Panel Discussion by Valarie Williams, Kyle Malmberg, and Mark Boyd: “Other schools are so impressed with our course design processes.”

Point University moderators at the Sakai Virtual Conference:

  • Kyle Malmberg moderated three sessions for the following institutions: Marist College, BigBlueButton, Longsight, NYU, Oxford and Duke.
  • Mark Boyd moderated three sessions for the following institutions: University of Cape Town, Management Center Innsbruck and University of South Alabama.
  • Valarie Williams moderated three sessions for the following institutions Western University, Three Canoes, LLC and Marist College.