If you are a team member and are ready to apply, follow these next steps:


Enrollment Process:
  • Step 1: Apply on this page; don’t forget to use the promo code CFASUB.
    • If you are currently enrolled at another institution and are interested in taking classes as a Transient student, apply here.
  • Step 2:
    • Complete the Team Member Agreement and the employment verification.
      • Click here to fill out the Team Member Agreement. You will need your Operator or Point of Contact name and email address.
      • Click here to submit your employment verification. Please submit a recent paystub or a W-2.
    • Once we have your application, an enrollment counselor will reach out. 
    • Request your official transcripts
      • Request your official transcript(s) and send them electronically to admissiondocuments@point.edu or by mail to Point University at 507 W. 10th Street West Point, GA 31833.
      • Point University will need all official transcripts from previous attended universities or colleges. If you were enrolled at a university and have completed less than 12 credit hours, we will also need your high school transcript.
    • Complete your FAFSA
      • All team members are required to complete the FAFSA if they are pursuing an undergraduate degree. Point University’s school code is 001547.
    • Once we have all official transcripts, your file will be sent to our admission committee for review. If you are accepted, you will proceed to be registered for courses. If a student does not meet the GPA requirements, they must take the Point Admission Assessment (PAA).
  • Step 3: Before classes, the advising center registers the student for classes and will provide a transcript evaluation if the student has credit from another university. Students do not have to meet with their advisor prior to starting classes but can request an appointment by emailing advising.center@point.edu.
Logging In:
  • Step 4: IT will send login credentials approximately 9 days before the start of classes, containing username and password for the single sign-on (SSO). Once a student logs in with the provided username and password, they will see a dashboard for Canvas and their student email. Email ITsupport@point.edu if you have any questions.
Start of Classes:
  • Step 5: The day classes begin, students should log in to Canvas and introduce themselves in the Introduce Yourself forum (this is required for attendance). Review the syllabus the first week of class. As a new student, you are automatically opted into Point University bookstore, Slingshot, which means you will receive any needed books the first week of class.
Student Life:
  • Step 6: Students must submit at least one assignment per week (Monday to Sunday) to be counted present for class. As a new session approaches, the student will again be registered by the advising center and be sent your schedule once it is completed.
If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please email enrollmentsupport@point.edu or call 706-784-8606.
If you are a current student with questions, please email CFAsupport@point.edu.