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Career planning is a lifelong process; which means a good amount of time is spent gaining and changing employment. Through career exploration, professional development and employment resources, we’ll work with current students & Alumni to identify your calling, career interests, map out a strategy to find internships and jobs, and coach you on how to interview with confidence and craft effective résumés.

Come to our office for assistance with:

  • Major Selection – 
Unsure about your major? Let our staff help you figure out which major is best for you. Make an appointment!
  • Campus Employment— If you are interested in student employment, please visit Purple Briefcase, for information on applying and campus openings. Join today at:
  • Resume/ Cover Letter Assistance:
  • Interview Skills
  • Internships/ Volunteer Experiences
  • Ministry Jobs
  • Career Events & Workshops – 
Stay up-to-date with the latest events from the CCC. Career fairs, info sessions, workshops, résumé reviews and more! By joining Point Careers powered by Purple Briefcase. Join today at:
  • Job Search Resources – 
Take a look at all of the great job searching tools we’ve gathered for you! Join today at:
  • And so much more!

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Successful career planning starts with communication. What does your student enjoy doing? Do they know how to utilize CCC’s services? Take a look at these documents gathered by the CCC and find out how you can help your student prepare for their career: