Title IX

Point University is committed to educating students for Christ-centered service and leadership throughout the world. To achieve that end, the institution must be a learning community that is free from discrimination regarding sex, age, disability, nationality, race, ethnicity, and other protected classifications. Student and employee conduct requirements are provided in the The Point Community Honor Code (pdf) and the Employee Handbook (pdf), respectively.

Every student, staff, and faculty member of Point University is responsible for ensuring that his or her conduct does not include or suggest violence in any form, including sexual violence. In all situations, including those not covered specifically by institutional policies, members of the Point community are expected to act responsibly and for the welfare of others, the University, and the area community.

Point University complies with federal requirements to ensure that institutional policies address the implementation and prevention of campus sexual violence, along with other crime categories as directed by the Clery Act. In addition, Point employees who conduct Title IX investigations have been provided with the training below under “Completed Trainings & Resources.”

Any Title IX inquiries or complaints should follow the outlined in the policies and procedures and directed to the appropriate parties:

Name Title Email
Laura Schaaf Title IX Lead Coordinator Laura.Schaaf@point.edu
Dr. Jacoba Durrell Deputy Title IX Coordinator Jacoba.Durrell@point.edu