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Gregory K Moffatt, Ph.D. [bio]
Professor of Psychology

Butch Beach, DPA [bio]
Professor of Criminal Justice

Simone Cox [bio]
Associate Professor of Counseling & Human Services

Andrea Pope-Smith [bio]
Instructor of Sociology

Trish Start [bio]
Instructor of Sociology/Social Work

Adjunct Faculty

Emily Plank
Adjunct Instructor

Jennifer Cook
Adjunct Instructor

Shirley Thompson-Lewis
Adjunct Instructor


Point is committed to helping train students who will become Christian counselors. The University believes that the needs of God’s people can and will be met through those trained in our counseling and human services program.


Why study counseling and human services or psychology at Point? If you are interested in being a people helper, these degrees provide a solid foundation for understanding people and the various ways to help them through difficult circumstances. If you are interested in one of the helping professions as a career, you will need to continue your education to at least a master’s degree in an area like counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, chemical dependency, etc., to be eligible for state licensure.

Counseling and Human Services
The counseling and human services program at Point integrates a Christian emphasis with the basic research, theories and techniques of the counseling professions. The faculty have professional credentials in several of the helping professions, and most have also served in church-related positions. Students majoring in counseling and human services also have the opportunity to earn 100 hours of experience in a counseling-related setting, receiving directional supervision from a professional on site, through the internship program. Internships are tailored for each student’s career interests, and can be arranged in or near a student’s hometown.

The counseling and human services major focuses on an undergraduate preparation for the field of professional counseling. Because a graduate degree is expected in the field of counseling, the program has the preparation of students for graduate school as a primary goal.

Criminal Justice
The criminal justice program is designed to introduce students to the goals and processes of the criminal justice system and, at the same time, provide them with a broad education based in the social sciences. The justice system and the causes and consequences of criminal behavior are also a focus of this program. Additionally, the students will learn how the justice system relates to all institutions within society.

The curriculum is designed to study crime, criminals and the criminal justice system through an interdisciplinary approach. Sociology, political science, psychology, communications, urban studies, and counseling are all incorporated into the program of study. As with all programs at Point University, integration of a Christian world view is central in the criminal justice program.

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychologists study any and all influences on our thoughts, feelings and actions. This definition allows psychology to be concerned with almost every facet of life. For example, psychology is interested in such diverse areas as drug addiction, obesity, sexual behavior, how we learn, public opinion polls, effective teaching, individual testing, individual growth and adjustment, motivation, all types of aggression and violence, the dynamics of group behavior, prejudice and stereotyping, dreaming, memory and forgetting, and emotions. It is clear from these topics that psychology can be studied everywhere in our society.

The major in psychology provides students with a broad, basic understanding of social sciences theory and application. Through completion of a dynamic group of psychology core and elective courses, a student can prepare for immediate employment, career advancement or graduate study.

The psychology program is designed to help students begin human services careers in such capacities as entry-level counselor, case manager, human resources administrator, management and business services – as well as graduate study in fields such as counseling, social work and marriage/family therapy. Ultimately, a graduate in psychology from Point will be a reflective professional who is able to integrate his or her Christian worldview with providing care to others.

Sociology with Social Work Specialization
Sociology is defined as the study of the development, structure and functioning of human society. At Point, the sociology major incorporates a specialization in social work which provides for a fusion of theory and practical application. Students explore the history and theories in the field of sociology, and develop analytic skills applicable in a wide variety of fields.

The major in sociology with social work specialization is designed as a broad liberal arts base for professions such as law, education, medicine, social work and counseling. The Christ-centered focus found in all programs at Point University is similarly present in the sociology program, as the field of social work allows for a perfect blending of career and calling.

Internship Possibilities
Internship possibilities are very diverse, including those in children’s homes, state agencies, specialized church ministries, counseling facilities, women’s shelters, ministries for the handicapped, hospices, teen centers, specialized camps, local/state/federal law enforcement agencies and more. The goal is to align the internship site as closely as possibility with the student’s future goals.

Sometimes, an internship opens the door for future employment. A successful internship, at least, provides one more reference and experience resource for both graduate-level education and employment possibilities.

Honors Program
Students may also qualify and choose to participate in an Honors Program in the Department of Counseling and Human Services. The Honors Program is designed to challenge students to attain a higher level of preparation, to provide a vehicle for students to compete for admission to graduate schools, and to recognize student productivity and achievement.


With a degree from the Counseling and Human Services Department at Point University, graduates have gone on to become counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers, human resources directors, academics, researchers, law enforcement officers, teachers, bankers, sports related careers, pastors, missionaries, and workers in social agencies such as women’s shelters, children’s homes, and child protective services.

Many of these positions require state licenses and and graduate degrees, while others do not. Therefore, many of our graduates move directly into master’s and doctoral degree programs.

In Criminal Justice, many students completing their degrees at Point go on to regional academies preparing for careers as law enforcement officers. Our graduates serve local and state agencies and have many times been accepted as interns in municipal, county, and state agencies such as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

There are limitless ways in which a degree from CHS at Point University can prepare the student to serve both the church and the community, living one’s faith through one’s career.


Two majors are offered by this department:
Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice, counseling and human services, psychology, and sociology with a specialization in social work. All programs include a minor in biblical studies.


The department also the following minors for those pursuing majors in other departments:

  • Counseling
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Human Services Skills
  • Psychology