Biblical Studies Student Demonstrates Excellence in the Classroom

Joshua Beam ’26, a biblical studies and preaching ministry major, recently presented his final project in fourth-semester Greek. Beam, who graduates this semester, will soon move to Abilene, Texas, to attend seminary at Abilene Christian University on a scholarship.

As part of Beam’s program of study, he is required to take four semesters of biblical languages. In this case, Beam chose Greek with Prof. Wye Huxford ’73, dean of the College of Biblical Studies and Ministry.

“The objectives in studying Greek for two years,” said Huxford, “include the ability to thoroughly engage with a challenging text from the New Testament, which includes the historical background, the literary setting of the text, addressing any textual challenges of the text, translating the text, exegeting the text in terms of word meanings and word relationships, reviewing how the text has been interpreted in the history of the church, and finally, but not unimportantly, determining how the text addresses the church in our age. This year, the text has been Romans 8:26-30.”

These objectives culminate in the final project, which begins in the first week of the fourth semester. Beam’s 30-minute presentation answered two primary questions: what have you learned about this text that you likely would not have learned without addressing the Greek text, and what questions have been raised in the process of working on this paper?

“One of the things that makes Josh such a good student is that his ability to work at this level has not made him sour on the idea of what preaching is and the essential nature of the churches,” said Huxford. “He regularly preaches at a small church in the Greater Valley Area. The opportunity to teach and spend time with students like Josh – and many others at Point – is a blessing that I really can’t adequately describe in words.”

Beam understands that the short-term labor of learning Greek will aid him as he pursues a vocation in ministry. “Taking Greek IV was the most rewarding part of my undergraduate degree,” he said. “This work has given me the tools and experience I need to be a better biblical thinker when it comes to my ministry.”

“I am certain the lifelong advantage of this kind of knowledge will prove useful in all ministry contexts, not just preaching,” Beam added. “I hope to pursue a career in ministry, either in the prison system or with refugees, and I am excited to see how Greek will impact my ability to minister to people in those areas.”