Are you a high school student interested in getting a head start on your college education? If so, Point University’s dual enrollment or dual-credit enrollment program may be right for you!

Our program provides academically outstanding students with the opportunity to take Point courses while finishing high school. It’s a great way to enrich the high school experience — complete your high school diploma while earning credits toward your college degree!

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For information regarding Georgia’s dual enrollment program (formerly Move on When Ready), click here. For information regarding our dual-credit enrollment program in other states, click here.


  • Flexible schedule – You can take as little as one college course if you like, depending on what works best for you and your high school and college plans.
  • Ease the transition to college – You’ll have the chance to start your college career while still enjoying the support of your family and familiar surroundings. It will make your first full year of college an easier adjustment.
  • Graduate college sooner – With dual credit enrollment, you can enter college with course credits on your transcript, meaning you can enter graduate school or the work force earlier.
  • Learn in a Christian environment – At Point, our courses are taught by Christian faculty members who seek to integrate faith and learning.


KC Lorow
Director of Dual Credit Enrollment

Terri Carroll
Peachtree City Site Manager

Tamara Stevens
DCE Specialist (Peachtree City Site)

Sam Groover
DCE Specialist (West Point Site)

Jenna Prince
DCE Specialist (Savannah Site)

W. Michael Kent
Savannah Site Manager

Audrey Nichols
DCE Specialist (Peachtree Site)