An important part of what distinguishes Point University from state colleges and universities and most private colleges and universities is the fact that we are intentional about spiritual formation. As our mission statement indicates, our purpose as a university is wrapped up in the idea of “educating students for Christ-centered service and leadership throughout the world.” That’s why we focus on:

  • Integrating faith into every discipline;
  • Providing spiritual formation opportunities; and
  • Taking faith into the workplace

When it comes to spiritual growth outcomes, at Point University we talk about these in three primary ways:

  • Every student at Point University will see community ministry as an essential part of what it means to say “Jesus is Lord”
  • Every student at Point University will see the importance of integrating faith and vocation
  • Some students at Point University will sense that they are called to ordained ministry as vocation

At Point University the most important question is not “Where are you spiritually?” Rather we are more interested in “Where can you be?” Spiritual formation is about the whole person – and we strive to provide opportunities in a variety of contexts which address not merely “going to church” but “the whole person.”

The apostle Peter perhaps says it best: “continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.” (2 Peter 3:18) That really is what spiritual formation is all about at Point University. It doesn’t matter where you start – but it does matter where we are headed!


Spiritual Formation at Point


“Engaging Every Student in the Power of Belonging”


As a Christian university, Point expects all members of the community to conduct themselves with integrity, kindness, and respect. Point University seeks to provide and cultivate a nurturing community where students and employees can encounter and deepen their relationship with Jesus.

Residential students at our main campus are expected to abide by the Honor Code—a set of guidelines designed to that all members of our residential community conduct themselves with integrity, kindness, and respect.

Formation Groups

Led by Point faculty and staff, these groups meet for 30 minutes each week for encouragement and inspiration. All students are encouraged to be a part of such groups. Formation Groups provide a wide variety of topics, lessons and discussion points for our students and often share meals together, participate in projects, etc.

To sign up for a Formation Group, click here.

To view the weekly video curriculum, click here.

Community Chapel

Chapel: Chapel services are university-wide rallying points for worship, challenging messages and the opportunity to grow in our faith. They typically take place one Thursday evening per month at Spring Road Christian Church, near campus. Shuttle services are available.

Chapel Dates: January 27,  February 17,  March 24 and April 21. Please check this page regularly for updates on location; this will be influenced by coronavirus trends.

Chapel is accessible to all members of the Point family through a live stream on the Point University Facebook page.


A college ministry of Spring Road Christian Church, Feast gathers each Tuesday night at 6:30 for dinner, worship and community.

Stay updated by following Feast on Instagram.


Student Expectations

As a Christian body, members of the Point University community strive to live and interact with others in ways which are informed by our relationship with Jesus Christ. As such, the expectation for all Point students is that they will behave in ways which reflect this standard, moving toward greater levels of maturity, supporting transformational community and being open to spiritual formation in Christ. The Point University Honor Code has been created to inform this process and addresses all areas of Student Life, including standards of student conduct and disciplinary procedures. If you have any questions about the Honor Code, please contact Student Life.

Point University Spiritual Formation Team Application
2021-22 Academic Year

The Point University Spiritual Formation Team is a student group that meets to evaluate, plan and execute spiritual formation activities on campus, most notably monthly chapel services and weekly Formation Groups. This team meets together weekly with the goal of engaging the entire Point community in Christian formation. $1,000-$1,500 scholarships are awarded to students who are selected. Applications for the 2021-22 academic year are due by September 3 and the form below needs to be completed.