1. Thirty days prior to the beginning of the academic term requested, an accepted student must contact the Office of Disability Services ( with the required documents listed below in #6.
  2. If the student enters Point University later than the 30 days prior to the beginning of the academic term, or waits to report the need for disability services during that term, the student must contact the director of disability services immediately, understanding the process will take a little time to complete.
  3. The disability services director will engage in an interactive process with the student, which requires completion of an application for disability services and formal requests for documentation. The process will include consideration of any recommended reasonable accommodation that would enable the student to have an equal opportunity to benefit from the academic program.
  4. Once evaluation of documentation is complete, the student will receive a Point University Accommodation Plan in writing. Accommodations are not retroactive and provision of accommodations by another institution does not guarantee eligibility at Point University.
  5. After discussion of its contents, both student and disability services director will sign the document and the student will present his/her instructors with letters notifying them of the accommodations for which the student is eligible.
  6. Required Documents for Students desiring disability services:
    1. Application.
      Complete the Application for Disability Services OR
      Complete the Application for Temporary Disability Services for sudden illness or injury.
    2. Document Guidelines for Disabilities. Click on the link below for guidelines for your specific disability or disabilities.
      1. Documentation Guidelines for ADD|ADHD
      2. Documentation Guidelines for Deafness | Hearing Impairment
      3. Documentation Guidelines for Developmental Disorders
      4. Documentation Guidelines for Head or Traumatic Brain Injury
      5. Documentation Guidelines for Health Related Disabilities
      6. Documentation Guidelines for Low Vision | Blindness
      7. Documentation Guidelines for Psychological Disorders
      8. Documentation Guidelines for Specific Learning Disability
    3. Housing Accommodation Form for Students with Disabilities.
      Housing Accommodations for students with disabilities. Please complete this form only if any accommodation is being requested. Send this to the Office of Disability Services along with application for disability services.
    4. ODS Release of Information Form
      ODS Release of Information Form-Point
      Please sign this release of information form and give to the Office of Disability Services.