Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Area Department Title Telephone Email
Bartlett Stacy Advancement Institutional Advancement Chief of Staff 706-385-1100
Bonner Brad Enrollment Management Admissions Senior Admission Counselor 706-385-1207
Brown Charity Operations Athletics Assistant Coach - Women's Baskettball 706-3851409
Butcher Kassi Operations Athletics Sports Information Director 706-385-1093
Clark Lindsey Business Office Accounts Payable Accounts Payable Specialist 706-385-1424
da Costa Savannah Enrollment Management Admissions Senior Admission Counselor 706-385-1022
Davis Cassidy Enrollment Management Registrar Registrar 706-385-1048
Deer Jake Operations Athletics - Men's Basketball Head Coach - Men's Basketball 706-385-1465
Dial Chase Enrollment Management Student Life Assistant Director of Residence Life 706-385-1040
Douglas Randy Operations Athletics - Soccer Head Coach - Women's Soccer 706-385-1410
Fawley Robert Operations Security Chief of Security 706-518-6730
Gann Logan Enrollment Management Admissions Director of Admissions 706-385-1008
Griffin Lara Beth Operations Athletics - Cheerleading Head Coach - Cheerleading 706-385-1416
Hardnett Holly Finance Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid Specialist 706-385-1046
Hassell Rusty Enrollment Management Admissions Chief Enrollment Officer 706-385-1503
Hunn Alan Advancement Institutional Advancement Director of Development 706-385-1042
Huxford Wye Spiritual Formation Spiritual Life Vice President for Spiritual Formation & Dean of the Chapel 706-385-1012
Jennings Taylor Operations Athletics Athletic Coordinator
King Donna Finance Financial Aid Financial Aid Specialist 706-385-1039
Kite Derek Operations Athletics - Swim Team Head Coach 706-588-8784
Lawrence Illya Enrollment Management Student Life Assistant Dean of Students 706-385-1072
Pearson Faith Operations Athletics - Volleyball Head Coach 706-385-1413
Rojas Bianca Operations Athletics - Lacrosse Head Coach - Women's Lacrosse 706-385-1433
Schaaf Laura Enrollment Management Student Life Dean of Students 706-385-1122
Schmidt Amanda Finance Student Accounts Director of Student Accounts 706-385-1065
Skelton Devin Operations Athletics - Baseball Assistant Coach - Baseball 706-385-1412
Story Lauyrn Enrollment Management Admissions Enrollment Office Manager 706-385-1202
Tyler Jennifer Operations Athletics - Softball Head Coach - Softball 706-385-1445
Tyler John Operations Athletics - Baseball Head Coach - Baseball 706-385-1403
Underwood Mary Susan Enrollment Management Hospitality Director of Guest & Community Relations 706-385-1010
Webb Wendy Finance Student Accounts Student Accounts Representative 706-385-1461
White Jaunelle Operations Athletics Athletic Director 706-784-8541
Widener Elsie Dual-Credit Enrollment Admissions Savannah Site Manager 912-629-3855
Wozniak Mark Operations Athletics - Soccer Head Coach - Men's Soccer 706-385-1434
Wood Tiffany Enrollment Management Admissions Vice President of Strategic Initiatives 706-385-1019
Wooley Tory Operations Athletics - Basketball Head Coach - Women's Basketball 706-385-1405