Academic Advising Services: Traditional

The Academic Advising Center

Academic Advisors, in conversation with faculty and the Point Academic Support Services team (PASS) assist students in developing a personalized course schedule covering their entire program, a complete “Plan of Study” from initial enrollment to graduation. Such advance planning is necessary to achieve optimum scheduling and course sequencing for each given student. Once students are enrolled, the Academic Advisors will maintain a high level of involvement during the students’ first two years then will work with Faculty Advisors who will then guide the student during their last two years of school. The Academic Advisors, located in the Advising Center at the West Point, GA campus, are a student-focused center and are available for all students regardless of their location.

In order to assist our online student population, the Academic Advisors work closely with the PASS team, to help guide students through their educational programs by providing online student orientations, explaining requirements and procedures, suggesting coursework appropriate to students’ career goals, aiding with course registration, and recommending ways to improve academic performance. The Academic Advisors are available to assist all students and will connect students with the correct department and support service, such as financial counseling, learning assistance, and career services. Students may contact The Advising Center by telephone, email, videoconference, or face-to-face meetings at the West Point campus.

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