Point University is grateful for the support of our local community. We rely on our partnerships with local church members, civic clubs, schools, municipalities and other community groups as we strive together to build stronger communities for the cause of Christ.

Point cares deeply about starting its impact for the Kingdom in its local community. Towards this goal, Point students served over 60,000 community service hours in the local community in the 2016-17 academic year. Local students (in the Greater Valley Area) have received $3.5 million in scholarships and financial aid in the past 4 years, and one in four students is local. Get invested and involved with Point as we give back to our communities.

Ways you can get involved with Point:

  1. Cheer on students at Point Skyhawks games and Fine Arts performances.
  2. Create internship opportunities at your business for Point students.
  3. Hire Point graduates who choose to stay in the local community.
  4. Give back to Point through corporate sponsorships, the Skyhawk Club and other giving opportunities.
  5. Be part of our annual community service event, Impact Day and other service events by emailing the Student Life Office.