The Communications Office coordinates all marketing, branding and public relations efforts for Point University. Our office works to build the overall brand of the University and helps its departments and programs achieve their specific communication goals.

The Communications Office is directly responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing communication plans;
  • Media inquiries and press releases;
  • Design and/or approval of all print materials;
  • Producing videos and photos featuring Point faculty, students, staff and alumni;
  • Crisis communication;
  • Website management;
  • Internal communications;
  • Point Magazine;
  • Social media management; and more.


Vendors interested in advertising and marketing for Point University should contact the University advertising manager.

Brand Guidelines

Point University official fonts, colors and brand guidelines may be accessed here. Point University marks are licensed through Learfield Licensing Partners. Licensing creates cooperative working relationships between Point University, the manufacturers of approved and authorized products and the retail community. It assures that all merchandise bearing the University’s marks promote and protect the image of the University while fulfilling the needs of consumers.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Communications Office. To apply for a license or for more information on procedures click here.

Media Contacts

For media requests, please contact the Communications Office directly.


For Point campus news, visit the News page.

Project Request

The Communications Office functions like an internal communications and marketing agency for various departments and offices on campus. We can assist you with everything from graphic design projects to photography! Our goal is not to stifle your creativity, but to work with you to ensure that your projects follow the University’s brand standards. These standards help us present a cohesive image to all of our stakeholders.

All campus units and student groups should obtain prior approval from the Communications Office to use the University’s name, marks, logos, seals or symbols for any commercial or noncommercial use. The University requires all groups, departments and individuals to obtain approval from the Communications Office before producing any products or publications that utilize the University’s name, marks, logos, seals or symbols, regardless of use or method of distribution. Individuals and organizations outside the University who wish to use any of the official marks must first obtain permission by contacting the Communications Office.

The Communications Office will prioritize project requests that have the greatest impact on the University’s recruitment, support and brand. Please know that we are a small team and will do our best to complete all projects in a timely manner.

Due to the volume of requests we receive and the time needed for the creative process, we maintain a minimum of two weeks’ lead time in completing projects. Response time will vary based on our workload and the details of your project. For example, a text update to a webpage is likely to be completed quickly; a request for a newly designed print piece could take several weeks or months. Once you submit your project request, the Communications Office will work with you to establish a mutually beneficial timeline.

Unfortunately, the Communications Office cannot provide design services to student groups or external organizations. Faculty and staff should click here to submit a ticket.

Sponsorship Opportunities

To submit a request for University sponsorship of an organization or event, view our sponsorship guidelines.

Social Media

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