Point University believes that effective sponsorships engage our consumer, personalize the University brand, and create a meaningful link between Point University and the community.

About Point Sponsorships

Sponsorship is a tool that enables the University to expand its visibility in our key markets. It allows us to inform consumers about new opportunities in a manner which is acceptable and unobtrusive. It links the University’s brand attributes and values with our customers’ values, reinforces our brand positioning efforts (such as advertising and promotions) and provides a platform to deliver credibility for the brand.

Sponsorship is a strategic component of the University’s overall marketing mix. In assessing sponsorships, we evaluate the overall opportunity, alignment with Point mission and core values, media value, community impact on a regional/national basis, how it fits with University brand strategies, general sponsorship guidelines, the ability for Point University and its employees to support the program.

Submitting Sponsorship Requests

Point University seeks to identify innovative sponsorship properties that enable it to reach its brand-building goals while extending Christ-centered Kingdom efforts. The University receives many sponsorship requests each year. Although most sponsorship requests are worthy, we can support only a small portion of the total number received and, as a result, must often turn down applicants even if they fit our funding guidelines.

If you are an organization or event and seek funding you may submit a new sponsorship request to Mary Susan Underwood. Because of the number of sponsorship inquiries Point University receives, we request that all proposals be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event or organizational need. This allows us to review all proposals in a timely and thorough fashion.