Point offers Georgia’s dual enrollment program on our main campus in West Point, as well as at site locations in Peachtree City, Savannah and online. Point also offers dual-credit enrollment courses at select partnering high schools in Georgia. For more information on Georgia’s dual enrollment program or to view the complete course directory, please visit www.gafutures.org.

If you do not qualify for Georgia’s dual enrollment program, but are interested in taking dual-credit enrollment courses, or if you are interested in taking courses not included in the Dual Enrollment Course Directory, please learn more about our dual-credit enrollment program.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the DCE Program at Point University, a student must:

  • Be enrolled in the eleventh or twelfth grade of a private or public high school in Georgia or a home study program within the state of Georgia operated in accordance with O.C.G.A. §20-2-690(c);
  • Be admitted to Point as a dual-credit enrollment student;
  • Be enrolled in courses listed in the approved DCE Course Directory; and
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by Point’s policies.

Academic Guidelines

Recommended academics guidelines for entry to the Dual-Credit Enrollment program at Point University include:

  • High school GPA of 3.00 at an accredited high school or the equivalent.
  • Completed Dual Enrollment Form.

For more information

Please Note: It is important that any student participating in the dual-credit enrollment program work with his or her high school counselor when deciding which classes to take, as DCE funds can only be used toward approved classes. A listing of DCE-approved courses is available at gafutures.org. Students may incur a cost for the course if they choose a course that is not listed as approved on the directory. Additionally, failure to complete appropriate state funding paperwork for the DCE program by the deadline of the drop/add date of each term will result in requirement of payment for course(s), textbooks and applicable fees.


Terri Carroll
Peachtree City Site Manager

Tamara Stevens
DCE Specialist (Peachtree City Site)

Jenna Prince
DCE Specialist (Savannah Site)

Audrey Nichols
DCE Specialist (Peachtree City Site)

Mike Kent
Savannah Site Manager