Continuing education for Virginia College students

Point University provides alternative means of education for Virginia College students in the Savannah, Ga. area.

Virginia College closed the doors of four Georgia campuses on Dec. 18, impacting over 1,000 students. Point is seeking to provide an easy transition for students whose academic careers have been disrupted by this event.

With over 40 online programs, including ones in business, medicine and technology similar to those offered at Virginia College, the staff of Point are ready to assist students in the transfer of earned credit hours.

“Point University will optimize credit transfer as much as possible within our current policies and will offer assistance to incoming students in identifying the degree program that best aligns with their career goals,” said Tiffany Wood, vice president of enrollment management.

As a non-profit university, Point’s tuition cost is generally lower than schools like Virginia College, a for-profit institution. According to higher education trends across the nation, with the closure of Virginia College’s campuses, Wood said it is likely that many of the Virginia College students affected will transition into online learning.

“Point University has a long, rich history and a commitment to continuing to prepare students for their chosen professional fields. Founded in 1937, we have been educating students for 81 years—long before many of the newer for-profit universities were launched. We provide a long list of degree options, competitive pricing and flexibility for students to find the program that serves their needs best,” said Wood.

For more information about the online programs offered by Point, please click here.