Launching students into bright futures

Point University recently announced a new initiative, Operation Launch, in order to assist students in preparing for life graduation. Operation Launch consists of two events: a workshop and career fair. This set-up allows students to develop and refine professional skills before putting them into practice.

“The purpose of the workshop is to train young adults on how to showcase the skills they developed as students at Point University,” said Caitlyn Deal, advancement graduate assistant.

The workshop on Friday included sessions on finance management, resumé building, graduate school information and interview skills. These sessions were led by chief officers of the university and attended by 85 students.

To provide practical application for skills learned during the workshop, Point University will host a career fair on Friday, March 13. The career fair will have 30 outside companies and graduate schools.

Point University has a highly diverse student population and a high percent of first-generation college students. Studies have also shown that 80 percent to 85 percent of jobs come from your network. Point believes this creates a gap for first-generation students who may or may not have a network of people to connect with for job opportunities.

“In the job market today, it’s all about who you know. Many Point University graduates are first generation college students and do not have a network in the professional world yet. The heart behind these events is to provide an opportunity for students to meet current professionals and learn more about furthering their education,” said Natalie Brown, pracademics project manager.

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