Point Winds Ensemble Opens 2017 Season

Point Winds Ensemble Opens 2017 Season

The Point University Winds Ensemble commenced its 2017 season with the Georgia Indoor Percussion Association Show on February 4 at North Gwinnett High School.

Winds theater competitions are stage productions. In addition to music and formations like in a marching band performance, winds theater includes acting and narrating and encourages the integration of many types of music and performances.

Point’s production this year is titled “Start the Movement” and showcases Point’s commitment to serving its community. The performance follows a group of kids who live in the inner city and are bombarded by harmful activities and hopelessness. The theme of the show is change; how the kids decide to be a force of good and hope in a dark community.

“The idea is that the solution to the division in our society today is to quit complaining, roll up your sleeves, do the work and become the change that you desire,” explained Dr. Joshua Boyd, Director of Bands. “If the movement is going to start, it has to start with us.”

Boyd’s purpose for the Point Winds Ensemble is to teach student to use their gifts to glorify Christ and do good.

“The best part about being in Point Winds Theater is the fact that we are able to spread an important message in a very exciting and upbeat fashion,” says Nashanthe Roland, alto sax player and section leader in the Point Winds Ensemble. “Band is a very important part of my life, and being able to ‘Start the Movement’ while playing my heart out is truly a blessing!”

The Point Winds Ensemble will compete throughout the Spring semester, with performances on February 25 (Lambert High School), March 11 (Woodland High School), April 1 (University of West Georgia) and April 21-22 (University of Daytona).