Student Spotlight: Kourtney Ramsey

Three years after first arriving as a student at Point University, Kourtney Ramsey, a music ministry major, has found his purpose and a community.

“I feel like Point, as a whole, is a family. Everyone brings you together, and nobody strays away,” said Kourtney. “People who come here just have a joy for others. The only reason for that would be through the cross. I feel like Christ brings us together.”

Currently serving on the worship team for Langdale United Methodist Church, Kourtney said he sees how the Lord gave him musical talent and how God has provided ways from him to use that talent to serve others.

“I knew music was going to be some type of passion, and I fell in love with Christ. He chose me,” said Kourtney.

For Kourtney, his passion was not always so clear. Due to the build of his body, growing up he believed he would become an athlete, but after an injury in seventh grade, resulting in a rotator cuff tear, doctors warned him against continuing in sports.

With the absence left in his life from the removal of athletics, Kourtney said his parents began bringing home instruments for him to try. Kourtney began taking guitar lessons and discovered the ease with which he learned to play.

“I caught on very well and figured it had something to do with my life. That’s when I first realized that God had a plan for me,” said Kourtney.

Soon he joined the high school band, where he played the trombone, and was exposed to an array of instruments. Today, Kourtney said he can’t even count on his hands how many he can play.

With the close of high school approaching, Kourtney began exploring options to continue his education and musical training. Originally from Point’s town of West Point, Kourtney took the college into consideration. Little did he know, God would use the people of Point to shape his spiritual walk and enhance his musical abilities.

“I got here and joined the band,” said Kourtney. “Then, I met Dylan and Kristen Moore. They were huge mentors in my life, and they told me to come to their church.”

It was through going to church with the Moores that Kourtney said he experienced Jesus in a new way, changing his life.

Kourtney’s understanding of his musical gift also shifted when he began practicing under the guidance of Joshua Boyd, director of athletic bands, and Andrew Lightner, assistant director of athletic bands.

“I have watched Kourtney Ramsey develop into a ‘next generation’ leader during his time at Point University,” said Boyd. “He has developed a winning combination of musicianship and professional collaboration, balanced with a heart for Christian service.  When I see Kourtney on the marching band field, I see a future Point University graduate who is being positioned to change the world.”

After picking up the euphonium to join the Point University Marching Skyhawks, Kourtney said he realized his performances were not as perfect as he thought, but through the firm yet caring guidance of the band leaders, he said he has grown into a better musician and man.

“The band is really a family. You can come in with all different types of backgrounds, including religious backgrounds. You can be atheist or anything, and the band just kind of makes you feel like home,” said Kourtney.

Reflecting back on how his time at Point has changed him, Kourtney said he realizes the self-centered way he had lived in high school. He said the people at Point showed him how they genuinely cared for him, and that changed him.

“When I got here, I realized people care for you, so you don’t have to think you’re the only one that matters, so I started to put aside my personal things and started to care for others like everyone cared for me when I first got here.”

Halfway through his college career, Kourtney has begun to contemplate the direction of his future. Though many aspects remain uncertain, he said he knows two components will be present—his relationship with Jesus and music.

“I want to lead people closer to Christ through music. I feel like that would be the best thing that fits me as a whole, what I come from and my background,” said Kourtney. “My story kind of brings me to music. My life revolves around music, and I want to be more like Christ, so I figured I’d put the two together and lead people to Christ through music.”