Unboxing new ideas through TEDxPointUniversity

WEST POINT, GA – It’s the ideas that live outside the norm that often grow and better our societies. When we give the space to think differently, we become more empathetic, compassionate and aware of the world around us.

This message was the theme of Point University’s second annual TEDxPointUniversity event at the New Horizon Theater on Friday.

“We were so excited to be able to host another TEDxPointUniversity. I love that people in the community have a desire to talk about the perspectives and ideas of their neighbors,” said Natalie Brown, pracademics project manager.

TEDx events are independently hosted and self-organized events with live speakers, designed to spur deep discussion and connection in a small group. TED’s foundation is based on “ideas worth sharing,” and Point University believes these ideas involve asking the question, “how can I think outside the box?”

To achieve this unique experience TEDxPointUniversity speakers covered a variety of topics including breaking the rules, the value of different cultures, organizational culture, transformational leadership, the value of local art and overcoming fear.

“The challenge for me was trying to decide what to share and trying to decide if what I have knowledge of is worth sharing.  However, I had to remind myself: People may grow, learn or be inspired by what you have to share,” said Shontell Stanford, TEDxPointUniversity speaker.

Through Stanford’s talk and those of the other speakers, the audience was deeply impacted and moved to view life through a different perspective, including Jonathan Herston, executive director of Circle of Care Center for Families.

“I left challenged to think about cultural dynamics that impact our organization and how best to lead our organization amidst them,” Herston said.

To view photos from the event, visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/156635654@N03/albums/72157710886251976. For more information about this event please visit our website https://point.edu/tedxpointuniversity/.