Brand Standards

One of the greatest challenges for any institution of higher education is conveying its identity in a clear, consistent and concise manner to all stakeholders. Today’s world is cluttered with information. In order to break through that clutter, a strong image and unified message are increasingly necessary. Take a moment to imagine the massive number of college and university viewbooks, catalogs, letters, financial aid packages and even emails heaped upon prospective students each year. In order to stand out from the competition, Point University must distinguish itself visually with a professional, easy-to-recognize “look.”

The Logo

Please review the University’s brand standards, linked at right, for information on how the logo may and may not be used.

Point Logo Brand Standards


Point Logo Brand Standards

Color Palette

Point’s official colors are navy blue and yellow gold, as indicated below. The sky blue color is used as an accent, not a primary color. The style guide also includes suggested complementary colors for University publications.

PMS 295
C 100, M 68, Y 8, K 52
R 0, G 47, B 95

PMS 123
C 0, M 21, Y 88, K 0
R 253, G 200, B 47

PMS 2915
C 61, M 7, Y 0, K 0
R 94, G 182, B 228


Point’s official typefaces are Gotham and Mercury. Only limited offices on campus have access to these fonts. When Gotham and Mercury are unavailable, preferred substitutes are Tenorite and Georgia. Arial may also be used.