Point Care

Because of the ongoing changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, this webpage will be updated regularly.

Point University’s top priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community. Our goal is to provide all of our students an excellent experience during this challenging time. Much of the information on this page is most relevant to our West Point students and the work we are doing to help students safely attend campus. Our online students and our partnership students, through church partnerships or our dual enrollment partnerships, are very important to us and we will do all we can to support our students and partners. All such students should use this student decision tree to take the appropriate steps to contact faculty members or relevant staff if you need special assistance. Please see below to learn more about Point University’s COVID-19 response plan and the Point Care program. Employees should use this decision tree.

If you do not upload either a vaccination card or a negative PCR test and sign a copy of the policy, then you will not be cleared to move to campus or to participate in practice or classes until you do. This is in line with our general immunization policy.

Policies and Compliance

Student should review the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for 2021-2022.

Students who do not comply with Point Care policies will be subject to the Point Care Discipline Policy for 2021-2022.

TeleDoc Information and Local Testing Sites

Click here to view local testing sites. These testing sites are local to our West Point campus.

Students have the option to consult TeleDoc with no cost to them or to their insurance. The instructions for registering your account and consulting with a doctor are in this document.

Local Vaccine Sites

We believe it’s critical that our faculty, staff, coaches and students pursue vaccination and strongly encourage they get vaccinated over the summer to ensure we can operate at full capacity in the fall. Here are some options closest to campus:

• Kroger Pharmacy in Lanett, AL
• CVS Pharmacy in Lanett, AL
• Walmart Pharmacy in Valley, AL

You can find other locations offering vaccine near West Point here. This link will also tell you which vaccine is offered at each location.

Note for students: When you complete your Covid-19 vaccination, please make sure to upload in your eRez account so that we have appropriate record of your vaccinations. Please contact housing@​point.​edu with any questions on completing proof of immunization.

Quarantine and Isolation Instructions

Click here to view Point’s updated Quarantine Policy.