During his time a Point University, alumnus Dylan Moore learned how one’s call and passion can align. He graduated in May 2018 with a bachelor of arts in music and was a recipient of the Hathcock Award.

Dylan said he first understood God’s calling on his life before he stepped on stage to lead worship for a youth group one evening.

“I felt this presence of God, and he was speaking to me. I didn’t hear any words, but I felt him telling me this is what I am going to do,” recalled Dylan.

While at Point, Dylan’s understanding of this call refined through the impact of professors and peers, bringing him to realize that he not only wanted to lead worship but also desired to teach others how to lead worship and to help them understand the connection between music and theology.

“As Christians, I think we should view everything within the lenses of theology because everything we do is first and foremost about God, and the more we know God, the better we can do what He has called us to do,” said Dylan.

His passion for music infused everything Dylan did at Point. He even became known as the “marching band guy.” This fitting nickname developed because Dylan served as the first drum major in the Point University Marching Band, which began during his freshman year.

Dylan exemplifies how the community at Point seeks to help students find their God given passions and skills, equipping them to carry those discoveries into the field of ministry God leads them.