Residence FAQs

May I see my room before I move in?

The Admission Office provides tours of residence halls and facilities prior to enrollment at Point University. For information about scheduling a campus tour, please send us an email or call 706-385-1202.

When can I move in?

First-year students move in during orientation activities prior to the beginning of each semester. Returning students usually move in a couple of days after first-year students have arrived.

What furniture is provided in my room?

Each resident will have a bed and a dresser.  Living Learning Community and Skyhawks Hall residents also each receive a desk and chair.

Will I have cable television access and a computer connection?

Point does not currently provide cable television access. High-speed wireless Internet connections are available in all living areas and common spaces of the Point University campus.

What is a Campus Life Minister (CLM)?

A Campus Life Minister is a fellow student trained to develop community among the residents of a living area. A minimum of one CLM is assigned to each area

Are laundry facilities provided in residence halls?

Yes, free laundry facilities are provided in every Point University living community.

Does my room have curtains or blinds?

All residential buildings have window blinds. Curtains are not provided, but students may bring curtains if desired.

Do I need to move out during breaks?

Residence hall facilities are only closed during Christmas break. Students may not remain in the residence halls during this time.

When will I find out my room assignment and roommate?

New students will be notified of their room assignments and given the name of their roommates during the summer.  Room assignments are made the 1st and 15th of June, the 1st of July and then weekly thereafter.

Can I hang pictures, posters, etc. on the wall?

Yes; however, you will be responsible for paying for any damage done to the walls. We recommend using sticky putty that will not leave residue (test on a small area before using).

Can I paint my room?

Students are prohibited from painting any living area walls. If walls are painted at time of check-out, students will be fined for the cost of repainting.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are strictly prohibited in the living areas.

Do you have a curfew? What are the visitation hours

Students may read more about visitation policies in the current edition of the Point University Honor Code on the website under Student Experience.

Will I have to pay a security deposit before I am allowed to move in?

Yes, students are required to pay a $100 security deposit before receiving a room assignment.

Do you have residency requirements?

Housing at Point University is provided on a semester (16-week segments) basis. Students enrolled full-time at Point University are required to live in campus housing until they complete 60 credit hours of study. Exceptions to this policy are granted to students who are living at home with parents or legal guardians within 50 miles of the campus of Point University, are married, have children or are over the age of 26. Students who transfer to Point University are required to live in campus housing unless they have earned 60 credit hours from their previous institution. Point University believes that living in the community created by the University is a very important part of the learning experience. It is a time for students to develop independence in the context of a Christian community where direction, counsel and oversight are provided. For students participating in athletics, on-campus housing provides multiple opportunities for team development. Point University provides on-campus housing opportunities for tutoring, recreation, social interaction and spiritual formation. We believe that these activities reflect important ingredients of what a Christian college experience should be.

Am I covered if something gets stolen or destroyed in my room?

Students are encouraged to carry personal property insurance. In many cases, your parents’ or guardians’ homeowner’s insurance will cover belongings in a residential living area. It would be prudent to check to be sure of your exact coverage. If you do not have coverage through a parent or guardian’s homeowner’s policy, we encourage you to purchase renter’s insurance, available at minimal expense from all major insurance providers.

How does campus mail work?

The University provides mail collection and distribution services for all students on weekdays, excluding holidays. A locking postal box in the Lanier Academic Center is issued to each student. Most boxes have key locks. The loss of a key will result in a replacement charge of ten dollars ($10). A mail drop for outgoing and intercampus mail is located in the mail room at the Point Academic Center. Mail to your campus box should be addressed as follows: Your Name Point Box #_________ 507 West 10th Street West Point, GA 31833 Postage stamps may be purchased from the University receptionist in the Point Academic Center during normal business hours.

If you have any questions not addressed on this page, please contact the Student Life Office at 706-385-1118.