Dr. Jennifer Allen Craft

Jennifer Allen Craft
  • Title: Associate Professor of Theology and Humanities and Chair, Department of Humanities
  • Department: Biblical Studies
  • Email: jennifer.craft@point.edu
  • B.A., Biblical Studies and Humanities, Point University
  • M.Litt., Theology, Imagination, and the Arts, University of St. Andrews
  • Ph.D., Theology Imagination and the Arts, University of St. Andrews
Which courses do you teach?
  • Introduction to Humanities
  • Art History
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • History of Philosophy
  • World Religions
  • Major Worldviews
  • Theological Foundations for the Christian Life
  • Apologetics
  • Systematic theology
  • Christ, Culture, and Career
  • Theology and the Arts
What do you love about teaching at Point?

I love the small classes at Point, which really allows me to get to know my students and connect with them both in and outside the classroom.

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