Senior Support Team

Dean Collins '79
President Dean Collins '79 works closely with Point University’s leadership to ensure that policies, objectives, and initiatives are being carried out to fulfill the University’s vision and mission. To read his detailed biography, click here.
Dr. Stacy Bartlett '05
Chief of Staff
Dr. Stacy Bartlett partners with President Collins and other members of the Senior Support Team to organize, prioritize, and carry out projects and programs designed to support the goals of Point University. In addition, Stacy oversees the University’s communication, advancement and strategic initiatives and partnerships teams.
Rusty Hassell '09
Chief Enrollment Officer
Rusty Hassell oversees several key teams that play an important role in getting students accepted to Point University and adjusted to their new experience. These teams include admissions, financial aid, student life and guest relations.
Dr. Stephen Waers '07
Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Stephen Waers leads multiple teams at Point University who set our academic standards, ensure that these standards are met, and problem solve challenges that may be encountered. These teams include academics, the Registrar's Office, disability services, the library, the Advising Center, academic initiatives and accreditation, information technology and the faculty.
Jaunelle White
Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics
Jaunelle White oversees Point University’s athletic program, which includes compliance, sports information, athletic trainers and the University’s array of different sports.
Sena Landey
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Sena Landey is currently Point University’s Interim Chief Financial Officer. She is a practice leader with CFO Colleague and has more than 40 years of experience in higher education financial leadership.
Jon Reynolds
Director of Campus Ministry & Spiritual Formation
Jon Reynolds is the Director of Campus Ministry & Spiritual Formation. He serves the spiritual needs of Point University which include facilitating chapel, organizing small groups and providing spiritual direction for students, staff and faculty.