Marching Skyhawks hold Band Day

Article by Megan Brooks, senior English major

Point University Marching Skyhawks held Band Day on September 22. Band Day is an event where hundreds of local band students travel to Point to get a small glimpse of the Marching Skyhawks.

“High school students met new people from other high schools and interacted with Point University students. Throughout the day we had clinics and different times they could learn about Point University and eat a Chick-fil-A meal. Then we ended outside where they were able to play music for us. And after that, we all got to play together,” said Nashanthea Roland, senior biology major.

Joshua Boyd, director of athletic bands, said the day not only impacted the high school students.

“At the end of the leadership clinic, led by alto-saxophone player Nashanthea Roland and freshman clarinet player Ashton Smeltzer, there was this musician at the front of the room that was in tears,” said Boyd. “I wanted to come up to her and see if something was wrong. All she said was ‘I had never been so inspired,’ and at that moment I had never been so proud to be a musician, and on that day, I was able to change someone’s life.”

A former high school Band Day attendee and current freshman biology major Aisaak Hernandez said that Band Day 2018 was a success.

“The most impactful moment that stood out to me was when we were all in the Scott Fine Arts Center and everyone was dancing and having fun. All these people could gather together, not knowing each other, singing along together and having a good time,” said Hernandez.

There was an estimated 660 students who attended Band Day said freshman trumpet player Kaegen James.

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