Our Hope this Season

This year the Point community is focusing on the idea of hope. I am encouraged by our university leadership helping us to be mindful of that idea, especially when it seems harder and harder to feel hopeful by the world’s standards.

War is never ending. People are starving to death across the world, while we throw away shameful amounts of food each day. We are becoming almost desensitized to the terror attacks that dominate our news feeds and airwaves. We are seemingly unable to make significant cultural progress on racism. These are the big issues that tend to occupy my thoughts when I wake up and check the news each morning, and they only scratch the surface of all the things I find unacceptable and concerning. Beyond this, what about how I will make sure I meet all the demands on my time? Demands at work, at home, at church, with friends—my head could easily start spinning before I even consider the obligations brought on by the holiday season!

And yet, as our theme for this year reminds us, we are surrounded by the hope of Jesus Christ (I Peter 1:3-5). Take a minute to think about that gift, and the promise we find in Jesus coming to this earth and ultimately emptying Himself to an obedient death for you and for me (Philippians 2:5-11). No matter how bad things seem—and I know sometimes they seem so devoid of hope or the chance for redemption—we know the Truth. God’s Truth is that hope is always here in His Son, our Christ. His life is our celebration, our assurance, and our foundation, no matter what! With that gift, I can face the world’s negativity, the ugly realities in our own culture, and my personal fears, because I know how the story ends—the story ends in victory and relief and celebration. That doesn’t mean we don’t take these concerns seriously, or that we do not mourn and grieve the situations in which we find ourselves. Rather, it means we approach even the darkest days with the light shining from our steadfast hope in Jesus.

As we approach the hustle and bustle of this season, surrounded by a near-constant streaming of bad news and fear-inducing stories, join me in focusing on Jesus. It’s more than a catchy saying on a pin—He’s more than “the reason for the season.” He’s the reason. He is our hope and our salvation, an ever-present source of strength, comfort, and purpose that allows us to optimistically face the brokenness in our world (Psalm 46:1). I hope you will join me in remembering our hope this season, and as we start a new year, making a purposeful effort to remain hopeful in the way we are called to as Christ’s followers.

Written by Dr. Bethany Huxford-Davis, Instructor in Business & Organizational Leadership