Point Announces New Campus Store Partnership

Point University announced today that it is partnering with Slingshot, the EdTech pioneer revolutionizing the way students access course materials. Starting in the summer, Point University students will experience the groundbreaking Slingshot automatic delivery program, turning the page on outdated methods and embracing a seamless, hassle-free approach to learning.

Slingshot’s hassle-free system eliminates the stress of sourcing and purchasing textbooks, ensuring that students can focus on what truly matters: their education. With Slingshot’s one-stop solution, students save valuable time and energy, allowing them to dive into their studies without delay.

“Slingshot will simplify the process of accessing course materials for all of our students,” said Stephen Waers ’07, chief academic officer. “We’re excited to offer this level of customer service for both residential and online students at Point.”

Beginning with the fall semester, first-time Point University students will be enrolled in Slingshot Choice, receiving all essential materials automatically. Convenience is at the core of Slingshot’s mission, ensuring that the educational experience is both enjoyable and efficient.

Materials will be delivered straight to residence halls, ready for pick-up at the Campus Store, or shipped to a preferred address based on student specific preferences and program. Course materials are billed directly to student accounts, streamlining payments and seamlessly integrating financial aid.

Slingshot will also manage the University’s physical campus store location, mail services and McKinney’s Coffeehouse, providing a refreshed space with several new lines of Point-branded merchandise and gifts.

Learn more about Slingshot by visiting slingshotedu.com or reach out at support@slingshotedu.com.