Senior Spotlight: Layla Brandt

Senior Spotlight - Layla Brandt

Well this is it. In less than two weeks from now I will be a graduate of Point University with my degree in counseling, and knowing this giant leap forward is about to come has made me look back at how I got here. I find no surprise that God has set things in motion to allow me to write this blog if not for the benefit of the reader, than for me as a time of reflection and thanksgiving.

Now if you know me, then you know I march to the beat of a different bongo, so instead of just writing about the facts and events that took place these past four years I would like to tell you a tale of a young warrior princess, child of God, and her adventures as she explored the realms of Point University.

It all began shortly after she had chosen to follow a mighty King. When she had reached the middle school years her Lord showed her what He had planned for her, which was to go to school at Point University (then Atlanta Christian College) to learn to counsel His beloved children. Overwhelmed with interest she set off to prepare for such a journey. When she reached her second year of high school her youth minister and his wife, who had already achieved the task of graduating from ACC, gave her the opportunity to take a peek at where this journey would take her.

Alas, when she woke the morning of with anticipation she found that her arch- enemy Lucifer had taken the form of cancer to end her aunt’s life in the night. Knowing that this moment of desperation on Lucifer’s part was to keep her from all the wonders that her mighty King had planned, she made the quick decision to press onward and leave the grieving for when she returned that night. Her eyes were opened up to the amazing wonder of the ACC Kingdom, and this small reveal gave her encouragement that this was definitely the right path she was on.

After her high school graduation, she set off on her adventure, alone this time, and full of fear and excitement for what lied ahead. She knew she was to meet a roommate upon arrival that could either be her friend or foe. Having not already chosen one, she was a little nervous so she sent letters of prayer to her King in hopes that this new person would be a friend. She slowly opened the door to her dorm to find that her roommate had the same magical, teal shag rug that her mother had bought her for college and knew at once that this was the start of a lifelong friendship.

Her roommate Megan became her greatest companion for the next four years, providing for her a close Christian friend to walk with on this quest. Megan, along with many other companions, helped her release her inner nerd and embrace who she really was. No longer did this warrior have to hide behind the judgment of others because she was finally in the presence of those who allowed her freedom to be herself.

There were also many magnificent leaders of wisdom that have helped guide her through this realm. Some went by the name of Doctor while others chose Professor, but it did not matter the extent of their wisdom for all of them shared it with her abundantly. Without the help of these teachers, far too many to name, she might not have ever made it through this voyage. Whether it was helping her better understand her spiritual gifts of empathy and faith or just showing up to the hospital after she passed out in math class, these noble leaders and teachers of God’s word has given her guidance that has not only gotten her through these four years, but will help her through the rest of her life as well.

Through her four year journey she has seen an amazing school be transformed from Atlanta Christian College to what is now Point University and still hold true to the promise that it will always point out the cross to all who need it. She has been through many trials and daunting tests of spiritual strength and faith throughout her adventures at Point University, but she has come out on top with the help of those comrades and even adversaries around her. She has seen far and distant lands that hold many stories, but she has also seen many wonders right on campus as well.

Her Almighty King gave her an adventure like no other that has challenged and prepared her for the world ahead, and though she may not know all of what the future holds she knows that the experience she has had at Point University has given her the foundation she needs to further her Lord’s kingdom.


Layla BrandtLayla Brandt ’14