Other Available Scholarships

Scholarships represented below are from outside parties and are not Point scholarships. Students should always be cautious when providing personal information. You should never provide a social security number or financial information, and no scholarship should require any payment or payment information.

Scholarships Link Deadline of Application
45+ College Scholarships for Minority Students purdueglobal.edu Various Deadlines
The Annual Adley Law Firm College Student Scholarship adleylawfirm.com 8/15/2023
Annual Health and Wellness Scholarship supplementrelief.com 7/31/2023
Best Scholarships for College Students in 2023 bestscholarships.com Various Deadlines
Blankstyle Scholarship blankstyle.com 6/1/2023 & 12/31/2023
Bold.org Scholarships bold.org Various Deadlines
Citizens Bank Scholarship citizensbank.com Various Deadlines
Cocodrie Fly Fishing cocodrieflyfishing.com Various Deadlines
Community Growth Scholarship vilesandbeckman.com 6/15/2023
Conex Boxes conexboxes.com 4/30 & 10/31 Annually
Customer Service Scholarship parsonsjoinery.com 12/31 Annually
Dick Hannah Dealership Scholarship dickhannah.com 6/15 & 12/15 Annually
Dirk Derrick Car & Truck Accident Injury Scholarship DerrickLawFirm.com 12/15 Annually
Discover® Student Loans Scholarship Award discover.com 1/31/2024
'Do the Right Thing' Scholarship unitedyatch.com 12/31 Annually
Early Childhood Education Scholarships ChildhoodEducationScholarships.com Various Deadlines
Empower Scholarship organiclifestart.com 6/30 & 12/31 Annually
Empowering Our Future Leadership Scholarship Perego.com Various Deadlines
Exclusive Merit-Based Scholarships meritbasedscholarships Various Deadlines
ExtremeTerrain Student Scholarship ExtremeTerrain.com Various Deadlines
First Responder Scholarship Dandalaw.com
Foam.Order.com Scholarship foamorder.com 6/10 & 12/10 Annually
Fob James Law Firm Scholarship Contest fobjames 12/15/2023
GoTranscript Scholarship gotranscript.com Always Accepting
GPSTab Scholarship gpstab.com 9/1 Annually
Growing Your Community Kainelaw..com
Guide to Financial Aid & Scholarships for Male Nurses nursingexams.org Various Deadlines
Guide to Scholarships for Criminal Justice Majors criminaljustice.com Various Deadlines
Guide to Scholarships for Future Teachers futureteachers.com Various Deadlines
Hanning & Sacchetto Scholarship hanningsacchetto.com 12/31/2023
How to Pay for Nursing School study.com
HVAC Schools 411 Scholarship hvacschools411.com
Kinect Solar Scholarship Program kinectsolar.com 6/30 & 12/1/2023
Leaving it Better than you Found it Scholarship albtriallawyers.com 12/31/2023
Lee, Gober & Reyna Injury Scholarship lgrlawfirm.com 7/1 & 12/1 Annually
List of Scholarships for Women scholarships.com Various Deadlines
LocalProBook Scholarship localprobook.com 8/15 & 12/15 Annually
Marketing Scholarship Program gulaboils.com
Mehta & McConnell Undergrad Scholarship mehtamcconnell.com 12/1/2023
Michael Moody Scholarship michaelmoodyfitness.com
Morris Bart, LLC Anti-Distracted Driving Scholarship morrisbart.com 12/15/2023
NursingExams.org Underrepresented Student Nursing School Scholarship nursingexams.org 6/1/2023
One Tough Student Scholarship epinjury.com
Philadelphia Injury Lawyers philly-injury-law.com 7/31 Annually
Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers pittsburgh-injury-lawyers.com 7/31 Annually
Positive Values Scholarship Program siyachts.com
Ramsay Law Firm P.A Scholarship ramsaylawfirm.com
Responsify Empowering Others Scholarship responsify.com
RevPart Scholarship revpart.com
Schwartz Injury Law Perseverance Scholarship SchwartzInjuryLaw.com 6/13/2023
Scholarship for Future Teachers futureteachers 6/1/2023
Scholarships for Military Veterans formilitaryveterans Various deadlines
Scholarship 360 Scholarship 360.org
Shainfeld Law Scholarship shainfeldlaw.com 12/15/2023
Shook & Stone Scholarship shookandstone.com
The Smart Start Personal Finance Scholarship smartstart 6/1/2023
Soderman Scholarship Program sodermanseo.com
Solwiser Solar Scholarship solwiser.com 12/25 Annually
Students Affected by Cancer Scholarship Ambientedge.com
Supplement Relief Scholarship supplementrelief.com 7/31/2023
Surviving and Thriving With a Life-Altering Injury Scholarship physicianlcp.com 6/15/2023
Tasty Placement Scholarship tasteyplacement.com
There's Space for Everyone Scholarship spaceforeveryone.com 5/31/2023
Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship bressmanlaw.com 6/15/2023
Teen Drinking and Driving Prevention PSA Scholarship drinkinganddrivingprevention.com 6/15/2023
TrueInsight STEM and Engineering Scholarship trueinsight.io 11/30 & 5/31 Annually
TuffShippingContainers.com Scholarship tuffshippingcontainers.com
University HQ universityhq.org
Utopia Management Scholarship utopiamanagement.com 8/15/2023
Veterans Emergency Grant Program wellsfargogrant.com Open on 3/17/2023
Veterans & Military Family Scholarship sinklaw.com 6/15/2023
Wade Kricken Scholarship for Future Attorneys wadekriken.com 8/15/2023
Walter Morales Grant waltermoralesgrant 8/15/2023
Wells Fargo Scholarship Program for People with Disabilities wellsfargoprogram.com 4/10/2023
Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship Program wellsfargo.com 4/10/2023
WoolRoom Scholarship thewoolroom.com 8/15 & 1/5 Annually
Work Injury Awareness Scholarship Contest Mehtamcconnell.com
Workplace Rights Law Group Scholarship Workplacerightlaw.com 8/1/2023